Got Milk?

2019-08-16 - FoodTF

Felicia awakened and thought the Glass looked big as did the rest of the room she wondered why then she noticed a giant 20 year old woman walk into to the room “who are you?” Screamed Felicia . The woman just smiled and reached for her “what are you doing?” Felicia frantically stated. She tried to run but could not move. “Why can't I move?” she screamed. The woman grabbed her and picked her up. “ahhhh noo don't pick me up put me down ! Put me down right now!!!” Screamed Felicia .

The woman dropped Felicia in the Glass. “What why am I so absorbent? What did you do to me?? Tell me now!!!” she yelled! Felicia could feel she was falling apart. The woman smiled and said “I’ve been looking forward to this for so long a nice sweet treat just for me.” “What me? No you can’t no no!” pleaded Felicia. The woman picked her up out of the Glass Felicia could feel the milk drip out of her “no no you won't eat me” she screamed as the woman moved her ever closer to her mouth.

the young women heeled Felicia up to her puckered lips and sucked the milk out of the cookie girl. Felicia was overcome with a feeling of sexual arousal as the milk was drained out of her "Mmm, delicious"said the mystery woman.


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