The First

2019-07-14 - InanimateTF

As Ella looked out the window, she didn’t know the strange woman that was standing behind her. This woman grinned evilly as she sent a wave of energy over to Ella and began to change her. The first to change were her legs with them retracting into her body. “What is happening to me,” Ella spoke aloud. Once her legs had finish retracting into her body, her waist opened up so that a person’s body could fit into her. Everything inside of her body disappeared as her body hollowed out. As soon as Ella’s body finished hollowing out, she fell backwards as her body, starting with her waist, began to turn a blue colour. “No, I don’t want to be like this” Ella cried. The changes reached her breasts as they flattened and turned into the same blue fabric like the rest of her body. Her arms hollowed out and became blue fabric as they became the sleeves of a crop top. With tears rolling down her face, Ella’s head fused with her body with her face becoming the chest area and the top her head opening up for a person’s head to fit through. The grey shirt Ella had been wearing turned into a grey waist band on the out side. Her brown her moved on its own fusing to the opening on the top, the bottom of her new sleeves, and the base of her changed body. Her hair then changed into a brown fabric. Following her hair completing its change, her body lost all the air inside of it and fell limply to the ground. Ella internally crises out knowing no one could hear her. The woman that had been standing behind her walked over and picked Ella up. “Ah, the first part of my new outfit, now to find my next victim.” And with that, Ella was never seen again.


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